Quality Control

Leisheng Machinery Quality Control

Leisheng is a leading manufacturer for Casting, CNC Machining & Metal Forging in the world. Keep supplying with high quality products but compeitive price is the reason why customers always choose us. And that’s our company core value.

Advanced Quality Managerment

In order to achieve high quality always. Our company has a perfect Quality Management System. together with our experienced workers. So we can have a very fast delivery time and less errors appeared in our production.

Strict Control & High Quality Raw Materials

When we get our customers detailed requirements & designs. Based on our many years experience, then make a decision that what kind of raw material that we should purchase. And our engineers will have a strict control when raw material get into our warehouse.

100% Finished Product Testing

Meanwhile all products will be tested after our production is finished. Together with our quality test equipments, we can control 100% quality prouducts.

leisheng certificate of quality management system

Quality Test Equipments

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