What is Precision Forging

Precision forging refers to a forming technology that meets the requirements of the part with only a small amount of processing or no processing after the part is forged and formed. It’s one of important part of advanced manufacturing technology

There are many precision forging processes that have been used in production. According to different forming temperatures, it can mainly be divided into:

  • Hot precision forging
  • Cold precision forging
  • Warm precision forging
  • Compound precision forging
  • Isothermal precision forging 
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The Benefits & Application for Precision Forging

For automobile manufacturing industry, there are many parts of automobiles, and some parts have very high quality requirements and performance requirements. The effective application of precision forging technology will greatly improve the quality and production efficiency of parts to meet the needs of automobile manufacturing. production needs of the industry. At this stage, the application scope of precision forging technology in automobile manufacturing is mainly: gears, splines, shafts and integral axle housings and other components.

For precision forging, becasue of it’s special benefits, and we can see it’s widely used in our Automobil manufacturing industry. The benefits including:

  • Improve the utilization of materials
  • It has high precision
  • Complicated shape & size is allowed
  • Good working performance
  • No high temperature requirements


Metal Forging

Precision Forging Company

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