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Leisheng Machiney is a leading Investment Casting Foundry in the world, we provided high quality investment casting services since 2006. Located in Ningbo China. Our capabilities that allow you different metal matterial for a variety of industry and with a very short delivery time. Meanwhile we are a ISO9001:2015 certificated manufacturer.

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Ningbo Yinzhou Leisheng Machinery Co.,ltd is a professional manufacturer in China, founded in 1991. We start Providing the most cost-effective investment casting solutions and services since 2006

From simple cast steel components to highly complex alloy castings, our investment casting facilities can meet your material needs with exacting precision for automotive, agriculture, station building, and industry.

At present, we have more than 150 experienced workers, supply investment casting services for more than 5oo customers, our products has exported to over 50 countries, like Japan, United States, Canada and Australia

Our company has perfect quality control system, we are ISO9001 & TS16949 verfied Manufacturer, and more important our quality is still steadily improving. Which is highly recognised on the market.

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Leisheng Machinery can produce precision investment casting products in virtually any air-melt alloy. From simple cast steel components to highly complex aluminum cast components our investment casting facility can meet your material needs

Frequently Asked Questions

For investment casting process, you may confused & have some question. Like what is Investment Casting, It’s applications, It’s tolerances, It’s advantages and so on. Read the articles & you can get very clear understanding.

Investment Casting Tolerances

Investment Casting Tolerances

Investment casting tolerances refer to the permissible dimensional variation. Several investment casting processes include lost foam casting, solica sol casting, and water glass lost wax

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