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Leisheng Machiney is a china professional CNC Machining Manufacturer. We start to provide Custom CNC Machining Services for prototypes and production parts  since 1991. A ISO9001:2015 certificated company. Our precious CNC Machining can work with variety of metal material, including Aluminum, Stainless steel, steel alloy, brass, copper and so on.

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Custom CNC Machining

CNC Machining Process

CNC Milling

The full name is Computer Numerical Control milling. One of CNC Machining Process. A CNC Milling Machine Uses a cutting tool mounted on a rotating spindle to remove portions of a block of material.

CNC Turning

Computer Numerical Control Turning is a subtractive manufacturing process. The final piece or material is rotated while feeding a tool to the piece to remove material for creating cylindrical parts. Widely application inour CNC Machining Process

Latest CNC Machining Projects

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CNC Machining product five
CNC Machining product eleven

CNC Machining Advantages

Compared with conventional machining methods, CNC Machining is a huge improvement, it has many advantages:

  • Higher Precision, Accuracy & Repeatability
  • Higher Cost-Effectiveness & Productivity
  • Higher Guarantee for  consistent of product quality
  • Less wast of raw material
  • More Safety for personal pretection
  • Easy to use for worker

CNC Machining Application

Because of it’s many advantages, CNC machining is widely used in a variety of industries, we can find it’s application at:

  • Automotive Industries
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Optical Communication
  • Transportation & Construction Industries
  • Medical instrumentation
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