Our Capabilities

Investment Casting

We start to provide Investment Casting Services since 2006. From simple cast steel components to highly complex alloy castings all supported in our company. 

Materials including Carbon steel and steel alloys, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, and Stainless Steels all accepted.

CNC Machining

We specialize in providing CNC Machining service since 1991. Including CNC Milling & CNC Turning.

Manufacturing the precision parts for medical, automotive, research, and other industries. Our powerful production ability that can help you with high quality products & fast lead time.

Sand Casting

We can provide High Quality Sand Casting Services since 2006. various materials, including aluminum, steel, iron, brass & others. We can guarantee the best rates and lead time for your requirements. 

Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum Die Casting is one of our core services. Our manufacturing facility & professional experience that can offer excellent quality control and consistent properties. Meanwhile our professional die design that can guarantee the molten metal fills all parts of the mold.

Choose us to be your Aluminum Die Casting manufacturer should be good and right decision.

Metal Precision Forging

We provide precision metal forging for many industries, such as utomotive components, agricultural machinery parts, railway components & mining machinery parts.

Meanwhile the services like machining, heat treatment, surface treatment and custom package all are supported in our factory.

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