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Hello, This is Li Zong, the author for this website of

I am also the CEO of Ningbo Leisheng Machinery, which is focus on Casting, Forging & Machining. Including Investment Casting, Sand Casting, Aluminum Die Casting, CNC Machining & Metal Forging

When i graduated from college, i become an enginner and work for a very famous manufacturer in China. It’s around 5 years in that company.

In 1991, i quite my job to be a enginner, i found my own company Leisheng Machinery. At very beginning, we are very small, only a few machines & 5 worker together with me. And all our order is also very small. But our services is good, and my colleague & i are very experienced, never made mistake. 

With years developments, our ability & credit are recognised on the market. There are some big company also choose to work with us. In 2006, our another bigger factory was builded, our capabilities expend to Casting & Forging. At present we have more than 150 workers & over 30 enginners.

sand casting tolerances

Sand Casting Tolerances

Sand casting tolerances are sensitive to the materials used and the manufacturing process. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard ISO 8062 for SG Iron castings

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Investment Casting Tolerances

Investment Casting Tolerances

Investment casting tolerances refer to the permissible dimensional variation. Several investment casting processes include lost foam casting, solica sol casting, and water glass lost wax

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What is CNC Turning

Many people still couldn’t understand CNC Turning very well. And there is no detailed and comprehensive introduction for it. So today i write this article,

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