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Leisheng Machinery Capability

Investment Casting Service

Provide Investment Casting Solutions, From simple cast steel components to highly complex alloy castings that all are supported, High Dimensional Accuracy

Sand Casting Service

We can have you best rates and lead time. Provide a variety of sand casting methods and materials, including aluminum, steel, iron, brass & others

Precision Forging

Offer precision forging services, Complicated shape & size is supported, Good working performance & high precision

Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum die casting service supported. 100% Quality Guarantee. High degree of accuracy, More than 16 years production experiences.

CNC Machining

Custom CNC Machining provided, Fast Processing Speed, large and strong production capacity, including CNC Turning & CNC Milling

Gravity Die Casting

It's one of permanent mold casting, we have many years experience to do many kinds of gravity die casting parts. Quality 100% Guarantee

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The company was founded in 1991, It has been 31 years in this field , From 2 employees to more than 150 employees till now. We accept OEM customers all kinds of non-standard parts. Giving us the drawng or sample to produce all of the mechanical parts

Professional production of all kinds of precision casting maching, sand casting processing, stainless steel casting maching, CNC maching parts, stamping parts processing, aluminum alloy die-casting processing, ductile iron processing, gray iron processing, forging processing precision casting alloy steel processing products, It is widely used in mining, electromechanical, equipment, shipping, railway, petroleum exploitation, auto parts, hardware tools, construction, construction machinery and other industries.

Leisheng Machinery Projects

Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Aluminium Investment Casting

Metal Investment Casing

Iron Sand Casting

aluminum alloy die casting

Aluminum Sand Casting

Aluminum CNC Machine

Metal CNC Machining

Metal Forging

Recent News & Update

sand casting tolerances

Sand Casting Tolerances

Sand casting tolerances are sensitive to the materials used and the manufacturing process. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard ISO 8062 for SG Iron castings

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Investment Casting Tolerances

Investment Casting Tolerances

Investment casting tolerances refer to the permissible dimensional variation. Several investment casting processes include lost foam casting, solica sol casting, and water glass lost wax

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